The U.S. has a vibrant and broad commercial relationship with Israel, with bilateral trade of over $34 billion annually, extensive investment in both directions and deep ties between U.S. and Israeli firms, especially in the high-tech sector.  With per capita GDP of over $31,000, Israel’s population of 7.8 million provides significant opportunities for U.S. exporters, including in Israel’s nascent oil & gas sector.  Israelis share many values with Americans, English is widely spoken and U.S. products are among the most attractive to Israeli consumers.  For Israelis, the U.S. represents a premier investment destination and many of Israel’s largest companies maintain significant operations in the U.S.

My team here at the Branch Office Tel Aviv stands ready to assist U.S. companies seeking export opportunities in Israel. Our U.S. Commercial and Agricultural Services offices in the Embassy offer a broad range of services for U.S. firms and our Economic Section can provide economic data and briefings on macroeconomic trends.

We also are eager to support Israeli companies interested in exploring investment opportunities in the U.S.  The U.S. remains the world’s most popular destination for foreign direct investment.  It is ranked by numerous organizations as one of the world’s friendliest business environments, with a world-leading financial system, strong protection of intellectual property rights, deep labor markets, and the world’s most productive and innovative labor force.

I encourage you to explore the links within these pages in which you will find additional information on how we can help you identify opportunities for your company.


Doing Business in the U.S.