Services for U.S. Companies

The U.S. Commercial Service in offers the following services which are designed to assist American exporters enter the Israeli market.

  • Gold Key Service (GKS)
    Interested in meeting qualified international buyers and partners? Get the most out of your next international business trip and have the meeting scheduled in advance.International Partner Search (IPS)
  • Delivers detailed company information on up to five prescreened potential partners that have expressed an interest in your company’s products and services.
  • International Company Profile (ICP)
    Let us conduct due diligence for you and verify whether a company may be a suitable partner for you.
  • Single Company Promotion (SCP)
    We can plan and organize promotional events that will maximize your exposure in your target markets.
  • Customized Market Research (CMR)
    We can determine the prospects for your products or services (especially if your product/service is highly specific or technical) to best determine whether Israel is a good market for you.
  • Initial Market Check (IMC)
    A preliminary assessment of the market potential of a client’s product or service in the Indian market and reports whether possible distributors or other partners expressed interest in partnering with the U.S. client on that product or service.
  • Are you having Market Access Issues? Visit the Advocacy page.