Confirm Your Appointments!  It’s Mandatory!

February 8, 2023

Subject: You Must Confirm Your Passport, CRBA, and Notary Appointments

Confirm Your Appointments!  It’s Mandatory!

As we noted in our February 6 message, there is a new appointment system for passport (regular and emergency), CRBA, and notarial services (regular and multi-seal).

This system requires appointments to be confirmed by following the instructions sent by email after the appointment is made.  Unfortunately, the majority of appointments made since February 6 have not been confirmed.

All unconfirmed appointments made prior to Wednesday, February 8 will be canceled at 5PM on Thursday, February 9.  Going forward, all unconfirmed appointments made the previous day will be canceled at the end of the following workday (Monday through Friday, except holidays).  So, please confirm appointments as soon as you schedule them.

Emergency Passport Appointments Are for Limited-Validity, Emergency Passports Only (No CRBAs)!

Everyone who gets an emergency appointment will receive an emergency passport with a purple cover, valid for less than one year. No CRBA applications will be accepted; you will need to make a separate appointment to receive the CRBA after your emergency travel is over.  There are no exceptions.  You can define your need for emergency travel, but you need to know what happens if you make that appointment.

Please No More Duplicate Appointments!

We are still seeing too many duplicate appointments.  This is preventing your fellow U.S. citizens from finding available appointments.  All duplicate appointments are being canceled immediately.

No Need for Separate CRBA AND Passport Appointments!

Please note that you only need to make a CRBA appointment to receive both the CRBA and associated first passport.  Do not make a second appointment for a passport as that will cause both appointments to be canceled for being duplicates.

Actions to Take: 


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U.S. Embassy Branch Office Tel Aviv
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