Distinguished American Speaker Professor Paula Rayman, University of Massachusetts Lowell

On Friday, November 21, Ambassador Shapiro and Ms. Julie Fisher hosted Professor Paula Rayman, Director of the Middle East Center for Peace, Development and Culture, University of Massachusetts Lowell, for a Distinguished American Speaker program on “The Role of Women in Building Positive Peace.” In her presentation to an audience of 70 professors, NGO leaders and coexistence activists, Prof. Rayman defined Positive Peace as having the presence of justice, equality and the conditions necessary for lasting peace. She spoke about the important role that women can play in advancing these necessary conditions. She brought examples of the women’s role in advancing positive peace in Ireland and Liberia, and of the importance of advancing women’s leadership on local council levels, and implementing U.N. Resolution 1325. She expressed the belief that these actions would play a significant role in advancing positive peace in our region. Following her inspiring remarks, the audience engaged in a lively discussion. This was Prof. Rayman’s second Distinguished American Speaker program in Israel – her first took place in June 2011, when Dr. Rayman was a Senior Fulbright Specialist at the University of Haifa.