Earth Day 2022

This Earth Day, it’s time to take action to save our planet.
From supporting sustainable fisheries to investing in clean energy, see in this video how the world can mitigate the climate crisis.

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8 things you can do now to help the Earth

In celebration of Earth Day, here are eight steps you can take in your daily life to be more environmentally conscious.
People sitting in front of three screens showing ocean life above stage (State Dept./Jesse Alpert)

Leaders commit to action at Our Ocean Conference

From April 13–14, leaders from government and private organizations gathered in Palau to discuss the climate crisis and saving the ocean.
Children playing in large field of plastic waste (© Ben Curtis/AP Images)

U.S. works to reduce plastic pollution

Private and public sectors in the United States are working to combat plastic pollution in landfills and in the ocean. Learn more here.