The American Center in Jerusalem

The American Center is a section of the Office of Public Affairs and is an information resource as well as an educational and cultural center with a range of activities aimed at the Israeli public. The Center strives to initiate and strengthen bonds between Israelis and the United States, and to promote understanding of U.S. policies, society, values, and culture. It also provides a platform for English language teaching.

The Center promotes public knowledge and awareness of these topics through its information services, cultural programs, exchange programs for groups and individuals and through social networks, and meetings with American experts, in cooperation with local institutions.

Thanks to our information resources and programs, the Center attracts diverse audiences:  high school and university students, academics and researchers, Israeli government officials, journalists, NGOs, think tanks and others who participate in the Center’s broad range of activities or have an interest in the United States and American studies. The Center’s goal is to create a fruitful and beneficial encounter between cultures, and facilitate dialogues to bridge gaps between different world views.

Our Programs

The Center offers many different programs for high school and university students: lectures, workshops or long-term programs focusing on a variety of topics. In addition to the programs the Center offers, we are very open to requests from students, teachers, schools, researchers and universities to create programs designed especially for them. Most of the programs hosted at the Center or sponsored by it are built around the values of democracy, tolerance, and dialogue, as well as programs that include American studies topics such as American history and culture or a presentation by an American expert.

Information Resource Center and Library 

The Information Resource Center offers the public:

  • Research and information services
  • A lending library
  • The largest repository of U.S. government information in Israel
  • Computer stations with free internet access
  • Free wireless internet
  • Materials for English-teaching professionals

Permanent residents of Israel aged 16 and up with a valid Israeli ID are welcome to borrow items free of charge. For more on the Information Resource Center and Library.