Events Open to the Public

The American Center has numerous cultural events open to the public and invites you to experience the culture of the native American-Israeli. The center runs a variety of monthly events which invite the Israeli audience to enjoy an abundance of culture, current events, and the opportunity to expand horizons in various fields: from concerts in jazz, rock and American covers to lectures on topics as diverse and meetings with American experts and others.

In the past year we have opened the gates of the Center for rock concerts and exciting jazz, hosted a robotics scientist from NASA, provided workshops, invited dozens of people to meet the famous physicist Professor Kaklios, hosted a fascinating conversation about the physics of superheroes, made a tribute to the exciting culture of Ethiopia in which we learned about Ethiopian culture and tasted delicacies, hosted the famous American chef Art Smith to teach us the secrets of American cuisine, and held lots of other events.

In addition, the Center maintains Internet activities and invites the public to meet with American experts through various live video sessions.

In short, you are invited to join the fun!
In addition, we are open to your ideas. Contact us: