Programs for Schools, Youth, and Young Adults

Our school programs

The Center offers many different programs for schools and teachers: lectures, workshops, meetings with experts, long-term programs, music workshops, research workshops, experiential learning activities and more. Most of the programs are built around the values of democracy, tolerance, antiracism, dialogue, etc. as well as American studies with specific focus on recent American history and the Civil Rights Movement. In addition to the programs the Center offers, we are very open to requests coming from students, teachers, schools, researchers and universities to create programs designed especially for them. In addition the Center offers many programs for teachers.

Here are some examples of recent programs: Women’s Day program for high school girls; “The Wave” program including a screening of the documentary movie about The Wave and a videoconference with the teacher that designed the experiment; History through Music including visual presentation and Civil Rights Movement protest songs workshop; Book Club based on American literature; U.S. Elections active seminar day for high schools; Free English Learning Programs and many more.

Detailed school programs:

From Bob Marley to Rap – Civil Rights History through Music
Racism and social change in American History
Hebrew or English | 4 hours activity
Opening: What is Racism?
Review of data and statistics by the American Center’s Information Specialist (20 minutes)
From Slavery to Freedom
A visual presentation on Afro-American History by an Israeli expert (60 minutes)
Music as a Tool for Social Change
Workshop on American protest songs by Israeli-American musicians (60 minutes)
* An educational group activity on racism can also be included and/or a related film screening (Mississippi Burning / Remember the Titans / Help / Lincoln, etc.)
* If preferred, we can divide this program into two separate days of activity 

The Wave
A LIVE video discussion with the California teacher responsible for the 1967 experiment

English | 3 hours
The American Center offers a live video conference with Ron Jones, the teacher who conducted the social experiment on how Nazism and fascism were able to succeed. The program also includes a film screening of the documentary on the experiment, entitled “Lesson Plan: The Story of the Third Wave.” 

Smartphones as a Tool for Social Change
Photography workshop for high school students

Hebrew | 3 sessions
A 3-session workshop for high school students in which they are exposed to American photography methods, learn about significant historical events documented on camera in the U.S. and use their smartphones to “catch” social issues of their own.

One Story – Different Glasses
Mediation tools for the acceptance of others based on the U.S. civil rights experience

Hebrew or English | 3 sessions
A practical 3-session mediation workshop held by professional mediators for high school students. Program includes: Introduction to African-Americans History, a film screening of Remember the Titans and two dialogue workshops in keeping with the spirit of the film. The students will practice tools such as active listening to the other, non-judgmental questions and methods for positive dialog.

Case-Study of Japanese Americans during WWII
Social Change in the U.S

Hebrew/English | 3 hours
Students will examine the case of Japanese-Americans who were interned in the U.S. during World War II, and their successful struggle for civil rights. The program includes a visual presentation by an American history expert, and watching the powerful film Yankee Samurai, which focuses on the topic.

A program for elementary school kids following reading the book Martin

Hebrew | 3 hours
A meeting with the author of the book “Martin”, Tamar Verete Zahavi, following the reading of her book Martin for kids, describes Martin Luther Kings’ childhood experiences (in Hebrew). Prior to the meeting with Tamar the kids will watch the American film ¨Remember the Titans,¨ based on a true story.
Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship

How does American Democracy work?
4 hours activity | English/Hebrew
An active day-long seminar for high school students including a presentation on U.S Elections by an American diplomat, who can discuss a variety of topics related to local and national elections in the U.S., including the relationship between media and politics through an analysis of various presidential debates. The discussion can be followed by a simulated press conference held by the students.

Researching Beyond Google!
A 60 minute-long English/Hebrew research workshop by IRC’s experts. During the session, the students learn how to get the most out of their online searches and web resources.

Research workshops for Model U.N
120 minutes with a break | English/Hebrew
An IRC expert shows students and researchers how best to find the most accurate and relevant information about the countries they are focused on as part of their Model UN projects, minimizing the time it takes them to search and maximizing their use of trusted information sources.
Discussion with a Diplomat

An opportunity to engage with a U.S. Diplomat on a wide variety of topics, including Women’s Rights, Sports, American Culture, and more. Embassy speakers will travel to your schools or can also address groups at the American Center.

We would be very pleased meet with you to develop programs that address your interests and needs.

  • All programs’ expenses are covered by the U.S Embassy except for transportation.
  • Programs can be conducted in either Hebrew or English.
  • We strongly recommend to contact us during the summer to discuss activities and programs for the next school year.
  • Note that we are always happy to work with schools on additional programs or customizing existing ones.