English Language Programs

Request for Proposal for English Access Microscholarship Program (PDF File 115KB)

The Public Diplomacy Section invests heavily in training, empowering, and inspiring Israeli teachers of the English language. Educators are any society’s front line in modeling tolerance, addressing stereotypes, and engaging students in non-violent conflict resolution.  English bridges cultural divides and brings together groups who would otherwise never meet – through workshops, conferences, professional development training and shared activities for young people who study topics such as negotiation skill building, debate and interfaith encounters, Model United Nations, and cultural enrichment programs.  

The Embassy Speaker Program: American diplomats and their spouses are available to address diverse communities throughout Israel to speak on a variety of topics.  Examples include Foreign Policy and International Relations, U.S.-Israel relations, U.S. Government, Model United Nations, Racism and Discrimination, Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, U.S. Judicial System, Multiculturalism, Politics, Minorities, LGBTQ rights, and more.  If you are interested in inviting an Embassy speaker to visit your school, please complete this form (in MS Word) and email it to Levyrx@state.gov

For more information on Embassy programs and resources for both English language educators and students, please see: http://americanenglish.state.gov

Contact: Risa Levy, Levyrx@state.gov for information regarding our English language programs and to join the Embassy mailing list.

Contact: Jennifer Sternlicht, sternlichtja@state.gov for information regarding our English language programs in Jerusalem and at the American Center Jerusalem.