JERUSALEM, MAY 9, 2023: The Department of State has announced an increase in the processing fee for certain visa classes for travel to the United States. The new fee schedule will be effective May 30, 2023. The increase applies to nonimmigrant (NIV) visa categories including those for tourism, study, and work. The Department announced the decision in response to increased operational costs associated with the provision of NIV services.

Embassy Jerusalem is committed to facilitating travel to the United States by nonimmigrant travelers from Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. Visas for work and tourism are essential to President Biden’s foreign policy, and we recognize the critical role international travel plays in both the local and U.S. economy.

Consular operations are funded by fees collected for consular services. The fee for each visa class reflects both demand for that visa type and the actual cost of providing the service associated with the particular visa. The Department’s decision to increase the processing fee is in response to a study showing that the cost of providing visa services has increased over the past decade.

Effective May 30, 2023, the fee for tourist (B) and student (J, F, M) visas will be $185 (previously $160). Fees for petition-based visas including but not limited to (H), (L), (O), (P), and (R) will be $205 (previously $190). Fees for investor and trade (E) visa categories will be $315 (previously $205). Applicants who have already paid for a visa according to the old schedule of fees will not have to pay the difference in cost. They must schedule an appointment or submit their interview waiver application within 365 days of paying the fee.

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