Hapoel Katamon Fans Club and USAID Celebrate Their Partnership

U.S. Embassy Press Release
Hapoel Katamon Fans Club and USAID Celebrate Their Partnership
February 9, 2023


On Tuesday, February 7, the ‘Katamon Fans Club’ and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) celebrated the completion of the Katamon Conflict Management and Mitigation grant. Katamon Fans’ Club CEO Uri Sheradsky and Chairman Yotam Karmon attended the event in addition to USAID West Bank & Gaza’s Mission Director Amy Tohill-Stull and Deputy Mission Director Jessica Zaman. Representatives from the Jerusalem Municipality as well as Katamon’s club players, schools’ headmasters, teachers, parents, and children were also in attendance. The event included activities for the children and remarks by USAID’s Mission Director and the Club’s Chairman.

The Katamon Striking for Equality in Jerusalem project, which began in 2020, utilized soccer to foster equality between males and females among 1,174 Arab and Jewish residents of Jerusalem. The project debunked myths and stereotypes between Arabs and Jews and empowered girls and women to eliminate differences, political barriers, and limit cultural norms. Katamon Fans Club was able to lay strong foundations in a number of areas: promoting gender equality through women’s soccer, and professional settings; providing a safe and supportive framework for hundreds of girls and women aged 8-60 to engage in their favorite sport; building strong infrastructures for a shared living, through meetings and activities using sports as a tool for cooperation; personal empowerment and social development, education for tolerance and acceptance through the Learning and Enrichment Centers.

USAID Mission Director, Amy Tohill-Stull, said at the event: “Sports develop so many great skills. Not only physical fitness benefits but also discipline, support, and teamwork. This relationship to discipline, support, teamwork, and dedication is also critical to incurring peace in the region. USAID is proud of your hard work and commitment to the sport and to each other in times of rising tensions and times of calm.”

Katamon Fans Club Chairman, Yotam Karmon, said: “This partnership has enabled us to uphold the values we believe in – gender equality, the fight against racism, violence and discrimination of any kind, while using football as a prominent tool for social change This all was made possible thanks to your support and the partnership between us. We celebrate this partnership today, and hopefully continue for many more years of working together and fulfilling dreams. “