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Security Alert:  U.S. Embassy Jerusalem

Security Alert:  U.S. Embassy Jerusalem (May 28, 2020)   Event:  The U.S. Embassy advises U.S. citizens residing in or considering travel to the West Bank and Gaza to maintain a high level of vigilance and to take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness.  Violence can occur with little or no warning, targeting tourist locations, ...
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10 Designers WANTED!  Apply Now!  

10 Designers WANTED! The U.S. Embassy in Israel is pleased to offer an international virtual fashion and design boot camp on Repurposed and Upcycled Design facilitated by New York-based designer Noor Bchara, founder of the sustainable fashion brand “ Noorism ”. Apply Now!   Program details: Free! Virtual Boot Camp is fully funded by the U.S. Department of State. Starts on July 6, 2020, for a duration of one month. Instruction language will be English. Virtual instruction, readings and ...
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Alert: U.S. Embassy Jerusalem

Location:  Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza Event:  Registering to vote and submitting a ballot during the COVID-19 pandemic  Registering to vote and submitting a ballot is fast, easy, and can be done from anywhere in the world.  Voters should consult the Federal Voting Assistance Program’s (FVAP)  COVID-19 information page  for the most recent information on how the ...
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