Notice for U.S. Citizens: U.S. Embassy Jerusalem Announces “Passport Sundays” in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv during August

U.S. Embassy Jerusalem is pleased to announce that in order to provide increased services to the U.S.-citizen public, we are holding “Passport Sundays” during August 2021, on days when the Embassy would normally be closed.  If you require an in-person appointment for your passport renewal, you can apply to be randomly and fairly selected for an appointment on a Sunday in August. This is our effort to give everyone faster and equal access to our passport services.

It’s free to apply for one of these additional appointments – you do not need to pay anyone!  We will select individuals for appointments at random.  If you are selected, you will be notified directly by us.  Registration is open between Thursday, July 29 and Monday, August 2. After that the link will be closed.

To participate, you must meet all the following conditions: 

  • You currently possess a U.S. passport (even an expired one), but NO FIRST TIME PASSPORTS!
  • You are NOT eligible to renew using Form DS-82 or Form DS-5504
  • Your current/most recent passport was a five-year passport, or was issued more than fifteen years ago, or your child’s most recent passport was a one-year passport that has already expired.

Note that processing time will be 5-7 weeks; no emergency or same-day passports will be available.  This is not intended for those with immediate travel plans. Avoid the vendors!  Beat the bots!  To register, use the QR code below or click here: