ORT students Crossing the bridge with Google Hangouts

Final event of the Negotiations for Peace “Hangouts” Program, implemented by the ORT Educational Network at the Google Campus Tel Aviv, June 2nd, 2016

Former Ambassador Daniel Shapiro met with Jewish and Arab 10th grade students from the ORT Network who participated in a State Department-funded English innovative grant “Hangouts for Negotiation.”  One hundred and forty-four Jewish and Arab students from six ORT high schools came together for their final gathering at Google, where the students exhibited their final products.  Ambassador Shapiro was able to learn about this one-year innovative program, which uses Google hangouts to teach negotiation skills in English to youth. The students engaged with the Ambassador and asked him questions regarding his experience and lessons learned from his role in the peace process.  The Ambassador said that having trust, being able to listen, having creativity, and being open to new ideas helps to solve even the most challenging problems.