America House Jerusalem and Ramallah

America House Jerusalem

Established in June 2010 and located in East Jerusalem, America House Jerusalem is the Palestinian Affairs Unit’s premier platform for public engagement.  The facility offers a robust suite of educational, cultural, English, and tech programs to promote common values and build Palestinian civil society.

Recent offerings include English Conversation Hour where you can practice your speaking and listening skills, formal English language instruction, computer coding, robotics, U.S. cultural activities, entrepreneurship scholarships and presentations from U.S. experts in a variety of fields.  Our wide selection of books, reference materials, magazines and electronic library provide resources for research and learning.  Recurring educational advising sessions prepare you from start to finish on the process towards university study in the USA with follow on activities for returning USG alumni.

For more information about our programs check us out on Facebook America House Jerusalem & Ramallah or send us an email at .  We want to hear from you!

Location: Nablus Road, Next to the Legacy Hotel

Contact:  Tel: 533-7904


America House Ramallah

America House Ramallah, established in June 2014, is the Palestinian Affairs Unit’s educational and cultural outreach center in Ramallah City.  While the current America House Ramallah location is under renovation, , America House programming continues at partner spaces and other venues.

The mission of America House is to encourage dialogue between Americans and Palestinians in order to foster mutual understanding and emphasize shared values. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State through the Palestinian Affairs Unit in Jerusalem, America House is a place where residents of Ramallah and West Bank can learn essential skills to take advantage of new economic opportunities, including English language, entrepreneurship, and technology skills.  It also serves as a place where people can come together and take advantage of the many resources we offer, including our library, 3D printer, wifi connection and computers.   America House Ramallah offers a wide variety of presentations about U.S. society and culture throughout the year, hosts regular film screenings, and presents  English language classes.

Education USA:  America House should be your first stop if you are thinking about studying in the United States. Come to the library and use our reference material to learn more about educational programs available in the U.S., the acceptance/application process, and how to obtain financial assistance. In addition, we will host periodic sessions both via video conference and with EducationUSA educational advisors on how to apply and enroll in a U.S. institute of higher learning.

Let us hear from you: If you would like to hear more about programs we offer, if you have suggestions for America House programs, would like a Palestinian Affairs Unit speaker to visit your school or organization; or simply want additional information, please send us an email at or connect with us on social media- Facebook page: America House Jerusalem & Ramallah

Contact:   Tel: 02-240-4556/8

Facebook: America House Jerusalem & Ramallah