Notice of Funding Opportunity: Private Sector Engagement Initiatives Program

The Public Diplomacy Section of the Palestinian Affairs Unit (PAU-PD) announces an open competition for grants through this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO).  The Private Sector Engagement Initiatives Program invites not-for-profit non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to submit proposals to design and implement projects which support private sector and economic growth in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza while also advancing the PAU-PD mission: to advance peace and the development of a prosperous, stable, and transparent Palestinian society, economy and system of governance through substantive engagement with American people, institutions, ideas and ideals in order to improve American-Palestinian relations and create greater opportunities for mutually beneficial partnership and cooperation.  

Priority Region: Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza

Program Objectives:

Working primarily at the local level and using an evidence-based approach, all proposed projects must aim to advance the PAU-PD mission goals stated above, contain a substantive American element, and achieve at least one of the following specific objectives:

  1. Improved capacities of Palestinian businesses and entrepreneurs.
  2. Improved capacities and actions of civil society organizations and community members to hold Palestinian public institutions and private sector institutions accountable.
  3. Enhanced Palestinian entrepreneurial ecosystem and connections established between different components and stakeholders within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Proposals may focus their activities on any of the following subjects:

  • Building capacity to advocate for improvements to policy and regulations to support private sector growth
  • Establishing connections and enhancing cross-border, regional and international commerce
  • Creating private sector opportunities for recent graduates and young professionals
  • Encouraging the entrepreneurial ecosystem, including through activities that include partnerships with start-ups and business incubators
  • Commemorating the annual Global Entrepreneurship Week
  • Developing skills and/or networks that encourage the expansion of sales and export opportunities
  • Encouraging corporate social responsibility
  • Increasing the accountability of private sector institutions
  • Encouraging or developing Public-Private Partnerships
  • Supporting economic empowerment for women and marginalized communities
  • Building digital marketing and e-commerce skills and opportunities

Applications must be submitted electronically (by e-mail) to with “PAUPDFY20008 – Private Sector Initiatives – application from [name of your organization]” in the subject line by August 15, 2020.  Organizations wishing to submit proposals to the Public Affairs Section should review the following documents and forms:

  • Complete Notice of Funding Opportunity Announcement
  • SF-424 Organizations
  • SF-424-A Budget
  • SF-424-B Assurances – Please read, stamp and sign

Note: The SF-424, SF-424-A, and SF-424-B are available at

Please find the optional templates below:

  1. Optional Template – Project Proposal Template (MS Word 51 KB)
  2. Optional Template – Detailed Budget Spreadsheet Template (MS Excel 34 KB)
  3. Optional Template- Budget Narrative Template (MS Word 59 KB)

IMPORTANT: All questions regarding this NOFO should be submitted in writing via e-mail to “Jerusalem PAU PSEO” at