Notice of Funding Opportunity: Sustainable U.S.-Palestinian Higher Education Partnerships

Notice of Funding Opportunity: Sustainable U.S.-Palestinian Higher Education Partnerships

The Public Diplomacy Section of the Palestinian Affairs Unit (PAU-PD) announces an open competition for grants through this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) (PDF 276 KB). The Sustainable U.S.-Palestinian Higher Education Partnerships Program invites U.S. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), U.S. Not-for-Profit Organizations, and Palestinian universities to submit proposals to jointly design and implement a project that will further internationalize their institutions and better prepare students to become globally empowered citizens while also advancing the PAU-PD mission: to advance peace and the development of a prosperous, stable, and transparent Palestinian society, economy and system of governance through substantive engagement with American people, institutions, ideas and ideals in order to improve American-Palestinian relations and create greater opportunities for mutually beneficial partnership and cooperation.  This project should advance the PAU-PD objective to support elements of Palestinian civil society working to strengthen their communities in line with American values.

Priority Region: Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza


Program Objectives:

All proposed projects must aim to advance the PAU-PD mission goals stated above, a partnership between American and Palestinian institutions, and achieve at least one of the following specific objectives:

  1. Internationalization: Supports Palestinian universities’ global and regional integration and prepares students to become globally-empowered citizens.
  2. Relationships: Reinvigorates or builds upon existing partnerships or brings a new U.S. university or education sector partner to the Palestinian higher education landscape. The partnership agreement should delineate a well-defined purpose and objectives that align with the objectives of the respective institutions. Given the unique conditions of the global pandemic, it is not required that such partnership agreement be finalized at the time of proposal submission but a letter of intent from each institution to complete such an agreement should be included if a full agreement is not.
  3. Sustainability: the proposal should clearly demonstrate how both institutions will successfully sustain the relationship after the end of the U.S. government-funded award and how this partnership will be embedded within the institutional framework of both organizations.

Organizations wishing to submit proposals to the Public Affairs Section should review the following documents and forms:

·         Complete Notice of Funding Opportunity Announcement (PDF 276 KB)

·         SF-424 Organizations

·         SF-424-A Budget

·         SF-424-B Assurances – Please read, stamp and sign

Note: The SF-424, SF-424-A, and SF-424-B are available at

Please find the optional templates below:

1- Optional Template – Project Proposal Template (MS Word 51 KB)

2- Optional Template – Detailed Budget Spreadsheet Template (MS Excel 34 KB)

3- Optional Template- Budget Narrative Template (MS Word 59 KB)