Mike Hankey

Mike Hankey is the head of the Palestinian Affairs Unit.  He previously served as Deputy Consul General in Jerusalem from July 2017-March 2019.  A career member of the Senior Foreign Service, he was previously Consul General at the U.S. Consulate General in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, where he led an interagency team promoting economic, commercial, and security ties in the heart of the Saudi oil and petrochemical industry.

Since joining the Foreign Service in 2001, Mr. Hankey has led teams to build deep and productive links with political, economic, and media partners across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.  In Egypt before and during the Arab Spring, he advanced engagement with both Muslim and Christian communities.  In earlier tours, he promoted economic development in northwestern Iraq, American consular and commercial interests in Yemen, and media professionalism in Nigeria.  In Washington, he led worldwide media outreach to promote global security, disarmament, and economic prosperity.

Mr. Hankey speaks Arabic and French.  He received his Bachelor’s Degree in international affairs and journalism from George Washington University and his Master’s Degree in second language education from Indiana University.  Prior to the Foreign Service, he worked as a newspaper reporter and as an international affairs editor for a news service covering the United Nations as well as an internship at the U.S. Information Agency tracking Israeli and Palestinian public opinion on the peace process.  He has written a text book for learning Nigerian Pidgin English.  He is accompanied in Jerusalem by his wife and their two sons.