The U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs (OPA) hosted on August 20 an alumni conference in Bethlehem that drew more than 100 alumni of its professional and educational exchange programs.  The alumni who attended came from across the Palestinian Territories, including from Gaza, and represented professionals representing various sectors including management and business, health and the sciences, technology, education, civil society, and the media.  Throughout the historic relationship between the United States and the Palestinian people, more than 14,000 Palestinians have participated in U.S. government-funded exchange programs such as the Hubert H. Humphrey fellowship, Study of the United States Institute, International Visitor Leadership Program, Fulbright, TechWomen, and many others that offer Palestinians the opportunity to travel, study, and form professional networks in the U.S.. During the one-day conference, the attendees learned about effective leadership styles via a keynote address from Faris Alami, the CEO of U.S.-based International Strategic Management, in order to continue to strengthen their leadership, communication, and advocacy skills.  Alami traveled to the West Bank and Jerusalem through the U.S. Speakers Program.  Following Alami’s keynote address, the alumni participated in discussions on innovation and entrepreneurship, environmental leadership, digital advocacy, science and technology, and best practices in leadership — with many of the discussions led by their peers in the alumni network. The OPA sends approximately 200 Palestinians annually on educational and professional exchanges to the United States to foster knowledge and cultural exchange between Americans and Palestinians.  To learn more about these exciting opportunities, visit our page here:

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