Sukkot with Former US Ambassador Dan Shapiro

Yesterday Julie and I hosted Arutz Sheva – Israel National News for a tour of our sukkah. Sukkot is one of our favorite holidays and a great opportunity to invite friends to be ushpizin at our sukkah and our home. Happy Sukkot to everyone!

Sukkot with US Ambassador Dan Shapiro

Speaking from his Sukkah, Ambassador Dan Shapiro talked about Israeli-American relations, B’tselem, and the American elections.
Arutz Sheva – Yoni Kempinski, 20/10/16 

American Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro welcomed Arutz Sheva into his Sukkah during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot currently underway, shortly before he was set to host in his Sukkah alumni of various exchange programs that the American Embassy runs every year.

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