Processing times and Delivery

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The time from application to delivery is generally two to three weeks.  We strongly encourage you to apply well in advance of your travel to allow time for delivery of your documents. Click on the delivery option you prefer to see the instructions.

Note: Processing times for all services are approximate.  Times quoted should be used only as a guide. We recommend you don’t make non-refundable travel plans until you have your new passports.


  • Bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope with 16.70 NIS of postage on it for delivery of one passport.  Return of multiple passports will require more postage.

If you do not bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope with you to your appointment, you will need to use the private courier service contracted with the Embassy.

When the passport is ready for delivery, the courier will call you for payment over the phone and to arrange delivery.  The cost of the courier service is 49 NIS, paid directly to the courier company over the phone at the time of delivery. The courier will either deliver your documents directly to you or call you for pick-up at one of its distribution centers.

Passports can be picked up directly from the Embassy only in emergency cases.