Tax Preparation Services

Certified Acceptance Agents

The IRS has certified several Israeli accounting firms as “Certified Acceptance Agents” who can accept and process W-7s and tax returns.  Contact the Acceptance Agents directly for information on their fees and services.

IRS List of Certified Acceptance Agents.

Other Local Accountants

For your convenience, we have contact information for local accountants who have expressed interest in working with overseas U.S. citizens and other U.S. taxpayers.  Please contact the accountants directly for information on their fees and services.  You can also contact the local licensing authorities for more information on their credentials.

The U.S. Embassy assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the following persons or firms.  Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the Department of State or the U.S. Embassy.  Names are listed alphabetically by region, and the order in which they appear has no other significance.  The information in the list on professional credentials, areas of expertise, and language ability are provided directly by the persons/firms.

List of Local Accountants