Required Documents

  1. Required Documents
  2. Fees

Send all of the following documents with your application.  Incomplete applications will not be processed and will delay your passport renewal.

  1. Application for a U.S. Passport: DS-5504
    Make sure to sign the form.  Unsigned forms will be returned and delay your passport renewal.
  1. Photo
    One 2 inch x 2 inch / 5cm x 5cm square passport photo taken within the last six months.
  1. Evidence of U.S. citizenship
    Your U.S. passport issued in the last 12 months.  Make sure you have signed your passport on the signature line!
  1. Evidence of Name Change:
    Original documents are required. Notarized copies are unacceptable. Also send one photocopy.
  • Marriage certificate or divorce decree
  • Court order
  • Name change certificate from the Ministry of Interior