Documents we notarize

U.S. Savings Bonds cannot be presented for immediate payment while the owner is abroad.  The owner must execute a request for payment in the presence of a qualified witnessing official, such as the Embassy, and then mail the bonds to an appropriate authority in the United States.  A dollar check will then be mailed to the owner of the bonds. 

 For your appointment:

  • You must bring a passport as proof of identification.  If the name in your passport differs from that on the bond, you must present evidence of a name change, such as a marriage certificate.
  • Do not sign the bonds!  

After your appointment:

  • After your signature has been witnessed at the Embassy, the bonds should be forwarded for payment to the United States.  It can take up to three months for receipt of payment.
  • Unless otherwise instructed, send the notarized FS Form 1522 and the signed and certified bonds to:

Treasury Retail Securities Site
PO Box 214
Minneapolis, MN  55480-0214
(Phone:  844-284-2676 – toll free)


Bring your passport and the passports of any minor children (and a photocopy of each passport) who need a true copy.  (Note:  the minors do not need to be present.)

If you are applying for a passport service for a child under 16, and only one parent is able to appear, the absent parent may furnish a notarized Statement of Consent, Form DS-3053.  You must present your government-issued photo ID (such as your U.S. or foreign passport, driving license or military ID) together with the Form DS-3053.