Request an Emergency Passport

We strongly recommend that you renew your passport early so that you do not need an emergency passport. It takes at least three to four weeks (U.S. Embassy Jerusalem) or two to three weeks (Branch Office Tel Aviv) for full validity passports to arrive in our office from the United States. 

Please be aware that emergency passport issuance is not guaranteed. By applying for an emergency passport, you risk having to change your travel plans. Therefore, you should only purchase airline tickets after checking that your family’s passports are valid.

Emergency passports are intended for U.S. citizens who need to travel immediately to the United States due to an unexpected incident or for U.S. citizen tourists whose passports were lost or stolen during their travels.

Please note: The American Citizen Services (ACS) Unit at Embassy Jerusalem is closed on the last Thursday of each month and ACS Tel Aviv is closed on the first Wednesday of each month. Please click here for a list of other scheduled Embassy and Branch Office closures.