Processing times and Delivery

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The time from when we receive your application to return delivery is generally three weeks by courier service, and up to ten weeks via registered mail.  Please be aware that registered mail can be subject to additional delays if there are problems with delivery or if your passport is returned to the Embassy or Branch Office.  We recommend that you use the courier service due to the shorter delivery time.

Note: Processing times for all services are approximate. Times quoted should be used only as a guide. We recommend you don’t make non-refundable travel plans until you have your new passports. If you already have travel plans within the next three weeks, please make an appointment instead of renewing by mail.

Mail your complete application package to:

American Citizen Services
U.S. Embassy Jerusalem
P.O. Box 290
Jerusalem 9100201


American Citizen Services – Passports
U.S. Embassy Branch Office Tel Aviv
71 Hayarkon Street
Tel Aviv, Israel 6343229