Social Security


The U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem’s Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) assists all residents of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank in obtaining information about agencies that administer federal benefits, including Social Security, Veterans Affairs, Office of Personnel Management, Railroad, and Department of Labor. Review our Frequently Asked Questions and email or call 02-630-4000 with follow-up questions. (The Branch Office in Tel Aviv, the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem, and the Consular Agency in Haifa do NOT have a Federal Benefits Unit and cannot answer questions regarding Social Security or other federal benefits issues.)

If you would like to apply for a social security benefits or a social security number (card), please review the following information closely.

Effective July 1, 2011, the Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) is implementing an appointment-only system.  Applicants seeking any sort of FBU service will be required to first schedule an appointment by sending an email inquiry to the FBU Jerusalem email form. Applicants who are coming for routine passport and registration of birth services and also seeking FBU services will be turned away if they have not scheduled an appointment with FBU in advance.