U.S.-Israel Cyber Working Group At Israel Cyber Week 2017

press release

First Meeting of U.S.-Israel Cyber Working Group At Israel Cyber Week 2017, Mr. Thomas Bossert, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, announced new levels of cooperation on Cybersecurity with Israel.  Mr. Rob Joyce, the White House Cybersecurity Coordinator, and Dr. Eviatar Matania, Director General of the Israel Cyber Directorate, Prime Minister’s Office, led the inaugural meeting of the U.S.-Israeli Cyber Working Group on Tuesday, June 27. The group aims to enhance and increase whole-of-government cooperation between Israel and the United States on pressing cyber challenges. These high-level meetings represent an important step in strengthening bilateral ties on cyber issues following President Trump’s recent visit to Israel.

The U.S. delegation included State Department Coordinator for Cyber Issues Chris Painter and senior representatives from the Departments of Commerce, Defense, and Homeland Security, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who met with senior leaders from Israel’s National Cyber Directorate, Defense Force, and Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Energy, and Defense. The group discussed cyber issues related to domestic and international policy; critical infrastructure protection; research and development; and workforce development, and identified specific opportunities to enhance bilateral cooperation.

Mr. Thomas Bossert, Mr. Joyce, and Mr. Painter are in Israel from June 25-28, participating as main plenary speakers as part of Israel Cyber Week 2017, which is Israel’s premier international cybersecurity conference.