Video-conference With Israeli and Palestinian Business Leaders

As part of the Trump Administration’s broader efforts to advance a genuine and lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians, senior administration officials held a video-conference on April 20 with Israeli and Palestinian private sector leaders, as well as representatives from the Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority, to discuss measures to develop the Palestinian economy.  The United States government participants were led by Jason Greenblatt, President Donald J. Trump’s Special Representative for International Negotiations, and included representatives of the National Security Council staff and the Department of State.

The discussion followed up on recent U.S. consultations with Israeli and Palestinian business representatives, as well as with Israeli and Palestinian Authority officials, and focused on concrete private sector initiatives which would create new opportunities for growth, and meaningfully improve the Palestinian economy and the quality of life for Palestinians, thereby helping to foster an atmosphere more conducive to peace.‎ Yesterday’s positive and productive discussion, the first in a series of such consultations, exemplified Palestinians and Israelis building a more positive future together‎.