Video interviews for children under the age of three

We are collecting data on the number of parents who are interested and eligible for this new program.  We will also ask you to enter information about the parents and the child, including passport numbers, so please have that ready before clicking.  If you are eligible, the secure video interview will be the only time we need to see the child and both parents.  You may apply for a passport, Consular Report of Birth, or both.   Only one parent will then make an in-person trip to the consular section for final interview and to provide original documents/copies, pay for services, and sign the applications.  You are eligible if:

  1. You have a child, under the age of three, who needs a first time passport and CRBA.
  2. You have already gotten a passport  CRBA or visa for a member of your family from Embassy Jerusalem or Branch Office Tel Aviv.
  3. Both parents of the child are U.S. citizens.

Once we have your data and determine eligibility, we will be in contact with further appointment details. We expect the first of these interviews to happen in September.  Do not become a victim of fraud, these appointments are free and scheduled directly by the Consular sections, there are no authorized intermediaries.   

Data we will need: 

  1. The child’s bio data (Name, Date, and Place of Birth), gender, and the document data of the birth certificate (serial number, date and place of issue)
  2. Parent A’s bio data (Name, Date, and Place of Birth),  and the document data of the U.S. Passport (serial number, date and place of issue)
  3. Parent B’s bio data (Name, Date, and Place of Birth),  and the document data of the U.S. Passport (serial number, date and place of issue)
  4. Contact information for the family (email, phone number, street address)

Click the link (or scan the QR code) to enter your family data and confirm eligibility.


We are pleased to offer this initiative, knowing that it can be difficult to get an entire family, including young children, to our consular sections.  We hope that the option of speaking to us by secure video (no special equipment will be needed, an internet and camera-enabled cellphone, laptop, or desktop will be fine) will reduce the stress, and it will allow us to schedule more in-person appointments of others as we increase our services.