Expedited/Emergency Appointments

U.S. Embassy Jerusalem and Branch Office Tel Aviv expedite a limited number of interview appointments for visitor visas for the following reasons only:

  • Life-threatening medical emergencies that require treatment at a U.S. medical facility.
  • Visits to gravely ill/dying relatives in the United States or the death of an immediate relative.

To apply for an expedited/emergency appointment:

  1. Complete the online application form, pay the fee, and schedule a regular  Click hereto apply and initiate the process.
  2. After you have scheduled a regular appointment, request an expedited/emergency appointment by selecting the Request Expedite option on your online account, or through the call center at 02-374-1221 for Jerusalem or 03-905-8062 for Tel Aviv.

We grant expedited/emergency appointments based on the factors above and strive to respond to each request as quickly as possible.  If approved, we will send an email notification to the email address registered in the appointment system.  If the request is not approved, we will notify you by email to attend the appointment as originally scheduled.

Please note that granting an expedited/emergency appointment does not guarantee visa issuance.  U.S. law places the burden of qualifying for a visa solely on the applicant.