Fee-exempt and Diplomatic/Official Visas

If you are applying for a U.S. government-sponsored J1 visa program, you are exempt from the visa processing payment, you may contact U.S. Embassy Jerusalem or Embassy Branch Office Tel Aviv through the following page at https://il.usembassy.gov/visas/nonimmigrant-visas/contact-the-nonimmigrant-visa-section/

Diplomatic/Official Visas:  U.S. Embassy Jerusalem at 14 David Flusser accepts visa applications from Israeli government offices (applying for “G” and “C” visa categories only), Palestinian Authority offices, and diplomatic missions from Monday to Friday between 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m on days the Embassy is open.  Israeli government officials applying for the “A” visa category must send their application to the Branch Office in Tel Aviv.  The Branch Office also accepts “G” and “C” visa applications for Israeli officials and diplomatic missions.

A courier can drop off the application and passport at the stated times; the applicant is not required to appear in person for an interview.

Each visa application should contain the following:

  • Valid passport
  • DS-160 confirmation page
  • Photograph
  • A Diplomatic Note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or a similar letter from the appropriate Ministry/Department requesting issuance of the visa (A or G). The letter must contain the following applicant’s information: name and date of birth, position and title, place of assignment or visit, specific purpose of travel, specific description of duties, travel date, anticipated length of stay in the United States, and the names, relationships, and dates of birth of any dependents and other members of household who will be accompanying or joining the principal applicant.
  • Holders of diplomatic passports holding official positions and applicants for diplomatic and official visas are exempt from paying the MRV fee.

A diplomat or Government Official applying for a Visitor Visa (B1/B2) should follow the standard visa application process including payment of the MRV fee and scheduling an interview. Please visit the Visa Information Services website to initiate an application.