E1/E2 Visa Scheduling

Application procedure for first time applicants/renewals: 

*NOTE: Do not schedule an appointment on the online system.  If the company has not been registered as per the below instructions, your case will not be adjudicated. 

All Israeli companies seeking E-visas for their owners or employees must apply at the Branch Office in Tel Aviv and establish that the trading enterprise or investment meets the requirements.  The company and applicant have the burden of demonstrating fulfillment of requirements for Treaty Trader/Investor status under 9 FAM 402.9.  For both first-time applicants and renewals, the company must submit supporting documents, including the individual application for the employee, by mail.

If USCIS authorized a Change of Status to E for a person in the United States, that status is only valid as long as you remain in the United States.  To obtain an E-visa, the company and applicant must submit a complete package by mail as per first time applicants.

Click on the relevant visa category below for a list of required supporting documents:

All supporting documents must be mailed to the Branch Office in Tel Aviv at the following address:

E1/E2 Visa Assistant
Embassy of the United States of America, Branch Office Tel Aviv
Consular Section
71 Hayarkon Street
Tel Aviv 6343229

Processing times

The E-1/E-2 visa unit will review the submitted file and then schedule an interview for the company and employee. Due to an overwhelming demand for this category,  preliminary review of corporate files currently takes more than four months.  The review is executed on a first come first served basis.  All applicants are then required to attend an in-person interview.  Scheduling an interview date is not an assurance that a company’s application will be approved or that an employee’s visa will be issued.  We advise you not to make business plans or travel arrangements until visas are issued.

We do not discuss prospective E-visa applications or respond to speculative questions on E-visa applications by telephone or by email.  Once an application has been submitted, we will communicate with the company’s attorney/ point of contact.

Please do not contact the Consular section for information on the status of your case.  You will be contacted for additional information or to schedule your interview.

Following approval of an E-visa application, you will receive your passport via Israel Post’s courier service within 10 days.  Please book your flight accordingly.

Application procedure for additional employees of a pre-approved company: 

If the company has a valid registration as an E-1/E-2 entity at the Branch Office in Tel Aviv and wishes to apply for an E-1/E-2 visa for an additional employee, the applicant may schedule a regular appointment through the Visa Information Service website and present the relevant supporting documents at interview.  To inquire whether a company’s status is still valid, please contact the E-visa unit at: Telavive1visas@state.gov.

Procedure for dependents:

Spouses (including same-sex spouses) and unmarried children under the age of 21 (regardless of nationality), who wish to join the principal visa holder in the United States for extended periods or the duration of his/her stay require derivative E visas.  Dependents who wish only to visit for vacations may be eligible to apply for B1/B2 Visitor Visas (or travel under the Visa Waiver Program).  To apply for the E visa as a dependent, schedule a regular appointment through the Visa Information Service website and present the relevant supporting documents.

Special information for co-habiting partners and common-law spouses.

Spouses holding a derivative E visa may seek employment authorization.  Please contact the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) upon your arrival in the United States.

Length of authorized stay:

Please be aware that visa issuance does not guarantee entry into the United States.  The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has the authority to deny admission.  CPB also determines the length of authorized stay for the bearer of an E-1/E-2 visa.  Holders of E-visas may reside in the United States as long as they continue to maintain their status with the enterprise.   Those persons who wish to stay beyond the admission period should file Form I-539, with the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS).

Important Notice:

Prospective investors and E-visa applicants should review regulatory requirements and may choose to seek professional advice from an immigration attorney before submitting an application.  However, decisions about eligibility are made only by the consular officer who reviews the application.