Voluntary Departure/Bonds

If you were arrested in the United States for an immigration violation and were allowed to depart voluntarily, you must prove that you have returned to Israel by appearing at the U.S. Embassy.  Reception hours are on Fridays between 10:00am and 10:30am.

In most cases, you will be asked to present your current passport, any U.S. visas you possess, the documents you received from USCIS or the immigration judge in the United States, and the original boarding pass from your return flight to Israel.

Please note that the money bond which was deposited on your behalf in the U.S. will not be returned to you at the Embassy.  You will be interviewed by a consular officer who will sign the paperwork that you received from USCIS and return it to you.  The Embassy will notify the U.S. Authorities of your return to Israel by providing them with a copy of the same paperwork.